Sunday, December 06, 2009

2009 College Football Playoffs

Every year since I launched this dumb blog in December 2005 I have put together a 16 team playoff to crown the real National Champion in college football. The formula is simple, the champions of the 11 Division 1 FBS (Bowl Subdivision) and 5 at large teams chosen by me. This system gives every team a chance. Each week I will post updated results and on New Years Day I will announce the champion. Here are the sixteen teams in this year's tournament.

1. Alambama (SEC Champ)
16. Troy (Sun Belt Champ)

8. Ohio State (Big 10 Champ)
9. Georgia Tech (ACC Champ)

5. Florida (At Large)
12. LSU (At Large)

4. TCU (Conference USA Champ)
13. Penn State (At Large)

3. Cincinnati (Big East Champ)
14. East Carolina (Conference USA Champ)

6. Boise State (WAC Champion)
11. Virginia Tech (At Large)

7. Oregon (Pac 10 Champ)
10. Iowa (At Large)

2. Texas (Big XII Champ)
15. Central Michigan (Mac Champ)

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