Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Week 13 Pac 10 Rankings

1. Oregon- The Ducks will win the Civil War

2. Oregon State - The Beavers will lose the Civil War

3. Stanford- Gerhart for Heisman

4. USC- Personally I enjoyed Pete Carrol sticking it to the weasel.

5. Arizona- Memo to that punk kicker: You're a freaking kicker!!! Act like it.

6. Cal- Easy game against the huskies this week to finish an up and down year.

7. UCLA- the facet that the bruins may actually go to a bowl is pathetic.

8. ASU- For what it's worth they almost beat Arizona.

9. Washington- Congrats on beating the cougs, I guess.

10 WSU- I actually heard an announcer say that the future was bright in Pulman.

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