Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Pac 10 Rankings

Here are my final Pac 10 rankings of the year. For the record I picked Oregon to win the Pac 10 at the beginning of the year. Of course the rest my rankings were, but who cares I said the Ducks would win the Pac 10 and the did.
Preseason Predictions

1. Oregon- I was mocked and ridiculed at the beginning year. Who's the genius now?

2. Arizona- If it weren't for Oregon Holder Nate Costa, the Wildcats would be in the Rose Bowl.

3. Oregon State- For the second straight year the Beavers Rose Bowl dreams were crushed by the Ducks.

4. Stanford- Have I mentioned that I don't like Toby Gerhart?

5. USC- The Emerald Bowl? LOL

6. Cal- Pretty much what we've come to expect from a Jeff Tedford coached team, high expectations followed by a mediocre year.

7. UCLA- What the hell is the Eagle Bank bowl?

8. Washington- My early 2010 prediction: the Huskies will go bowling.

9. ASU- I think it's time for Erickson to retire.

10. WSU- Shame on SMU for losing to these turds.

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