Monday, March 13, 2006

Dennis Goes National

For over a year I have been emailing a local sports radio show and have established myself as the show's best emailer. I've made a few attemps in the past year to go national and email the Jim Rome Show but my emails never got read. Today that all changed the following email got read on the show, I will advise you that if you've never listened to the Jim Rome Show you probably won't understand the email:

Dear Jim

What do you mean the play in game doesn't matter?

The Womens NIT

War Oregon Firing Ernie Kent, War Mike Bellotti growing back his pornstache

Eugene, OR


justin ubel said...

strong work dmc.

Aaron Geist said...

Very Nice. You're my hero.

Steve K said...

War Dennis getting pimped by Romey. War Gonzaga in the Final Four. War U-Dub getting schooled by a 12 seed.