Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Top Five Coaches to replace Ernie Kent

Even though I doubt Bill Moos will do the right thing and relieve Ernie Kent of his coaching duties, I've still decided to post my wish list of the top five coaches to replace Ernie Kent. Here they are no particular order.

Mark Few- Gonzaga
A 1987 graduate of the University of Oregon and a native of Creswell, Oregon. In seven seasons as Gonzaga coach the Bulldogs have made seven NCAA tournament appearences and have won six WCC championships. He excellant talent evaluator and an outstanding X's and O's coach. I have been critical of Few's Gonzaga program at times but that has nothing to with his coaching ability. He has taken Gonzaga as they can go and I believe that he would be an outstanding coach in Pac 10 conference

Mike Montgomery- Golden State Warriors
A proven winner in the Pac 10, closed out his tenure at Stanford with ten straight NCAA Tournament appearences. Also madeone final four appearence and has been named National Coach of the year. He's an outstanding recruiter and talent developer. He's currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA but is considered to be on the hot seat. Would be an excellent choice.

Mark Turgeon- Witchita State
The former number one assistant at Oregon under Jerry Greene, he should have been hired to replace Greene however Moos went with Ernie Kent. Considered by many to be the most sought after coach in college basketball this offseason. NBA head coach Larry Brown called him the best X's and O's coach he's eever worked with.

Don Newman- San Antonio Spurs
Spent one year as an assistant at Oregon before moving on to the NBA. Has spent the last two years as an assistant with the San Antonio Spurs and was an assistant with the Milwaukie Bucks prior to that. Served one year as the interim head coach at Arizona State but was mysteriously passed up for the full time possition. Considered a great teacher, he would make an outstanding head coach at the college level

Jeff Bzdelik- Air Force
Has done an outstanding job at Air Force leading them 24-5 record this year. Prior to Air Force he was the head coach of the Denver Nuggets and has also worked as an nba assistant under Pat Riley and George Karl. He's a workaholic and runs a very disciplined style of basketball. He may be exatly what Oregon needs.

Two other coaches who may warrent some consideration are Greg Graham from Boise State and Bobby Braswell from Cal State Northridge. Both are former Oregon assistants who have had some success as head coaches. However I wouldn't put them in the same class as my top five.


Aaron Geist said...

Have you considered the coach with two first names?

DMC said...

NO, and I forgot to mention that I believe Bill Moos should also fire Womens Basketball coach Bev Smith

Steve K said...

I vote for Phil Knight to pony up some extra cash so Oregon can lure Coah K from Duke.

justin ubel said...


Why aren't you on the list? Your credentials are stellar.

DMC said...

I must of forgot, here's my coaching bio:

A 2000 graduate of the University of Oregon and a native of Eugene. Spent one season as co-head coach at Salem Alliance Church in the Salem High Schol Church League. The team went 2-9, however that rcord can be blamed mostly on the shortcomings of the other co-head coach. He won a National Championship at Oregon on the X-Box and led the Portland Trailblazers to an NBA title on the X-Box. Also spent three season as an intramural basketball referee. Considered by many basketball insiders to be a brilliant basketball mind and a top notch recruiter.

justin ubel said...

Donald Trump say "You're hired!"