Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Readers Have Spoken: Soccer is a Stupid Sport!

The voting wasn't even close, the readers of Dennis' Daily Rant unanimously voted that soccer is a stupid sport in my latest poll. This is the first time in the History of Dennis' Daily Rant that the voting has been unanimous in my weekly poll. Now I know soccer huligans like Justin will argue that my poll wasn't legit but I think the numbers speak for themselves. Seven people voted and they all agreed that soccer is a stupid sport. In the issue of fairness I've decided to post another poll asking if my previous poll was legit. I will announce the results before I head off to Mexico on Friday.


Joanne said...

So are you afraid of putting no in your poll my son. Afraid that soccer isn't a stupid sport or that your poll was tainted???

Maximus said...

what are your criteria for a sport?
Mine would be: an activity that makes you sweat, its gotta be hard or its not a sport, so that eliminates golf, bowling, or pool. I've never sweated much playing baseball, its more of a pasttime to me. I enjoy those activities, but they are pasttimes not sports.
then a good sport has to have multiple players on a team. I enjoy running, but don't considerate it a sport, I just do it to get in shape for sports. A good sport also does not require much equipment. its best to be able to just call up friends and start up a game. so that eliminates football and hockey. so as far as major sports that leaves basketball and soccer, 2 sports I enjoy playing .. I did not say watching which I assume is your major criteria. watching sports is really the great American pasttime which advertisers love, but at the expense of our nations health with rising obesity rates.
so my opinion is soccer is not a stupid sport, its actually a very "smart" sport to play, little equipment needed, people of all skill levels can play, and its a great workout, just about anywhere there is a field. thats probably why it is the world's most widely played sport (and also the most widely played youth sport in the US, if you did not know). publish my comment if you allow freedom of speech on your blog, I'd like to see your response.

DMC said...

I'm not goig to argue with you what's a sport and what's not a sport. I actually have a great respect for soccer players as athletes. If you knew me, you would know that I'm just trying to get a laugh out of people. I've been known to make fun of soccer quite a bit and most people just laugh about it. Just like when my soccer loving friends make fun of football, baseball or even Nascar I take it and laugh. If you're not amused by my writings you're welcome to comment and as long as your comment doesn't contain inappropriate material I will leave it up. Just remember 99.99% of the stuff on this blog is in good fun and if you don't like that, I'm not going to be offended if you stop reading