Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Few Thoughts

Can the Ducks pull off a miracle? They're one step closer to making it to the big dance with an 84-73 victory over the #12 Washington Huskies. Now they're just two victories from making the NCAA Tournament and 8 victories away from a National title. Next up is the Cal Golden Bears Friday night at 8:50 PM. I must note these last two games have not made me change my opinion on head coach Ernie Kent. However if they win two more games I'd be willing to give him another year.

Since I'm such a huge soccer guy I figured sure another ridiculous story from the world of soccer. The New York Metrostars of the MLS have been sold to Red Bull. I have no problem with a corperation purchasing a professional sports franchise however the new owners have renamed the team "Red Bull of New York". I've come to accept corperate names on stadiums but renaming a team is going to far. I just hope that this doesn't start a trend in American Sports. Otherwise we'll soon be seeing teams selling off their names to make a buck or two.

Finally a good friend of mine brought it to my attention that I omitted two phrases that I commonly use in regards to my dating life in my blog about internet dating. The first is the "Two Date Wall", which refers to my inability to land a third date. It's been two dates and done for me with the last several gals that I've dated. The second phrase is "kicked to the curb" which describes what happens to me after the second date. She decides she wants nothing to with me and she kicks me to the curb like the trash from her kitchen.

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