Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Week in the Life of Dennis

Since I really have nothing better to blog about, I've decided to do another week in review. So here it is I hope that you enjoy it.

Monday- I woke up at about 7:40, showered, got dressed and brushed my teeth. I packed a lunch that consisted of a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, and orange and nonfat rasberry yogurt. This was the day of the day of the infamous wrinkled slacks. Along with the khaki pants I was wearing a black button down dress shirt. I arrived to work at about 8:27 filled my favorite coffee cup and got to work. Nothing exciting happened between and 8:30 and 5:30 that's worth mentioning. Imediatley after work I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and headed off to softball practice. We scrimmaged against another team and I went 3-5 all three hits were singles. In the field I played first base, which is my natural position. After softball practice I changed shorts and shoes and went for a five mile run. After my run I barbecued a piece of chicken and had a cold Corona. After a couple of hours of doing nothing I went to bed.

Tuesday- My morning was the same with the exception of my attire. I wore black dress pants, a blue shirt and a yellow tie. It was another uneventful day at work. After work I headed to my parents for dinner and we celebrated my nephews second birthday. For dinner I had spaghetti and desert was chocolate cake. After dinner I went home and changed into my running clothes and went for a four mile run (I was supposed to go 7). This was my first run in my brand new Nike Shox Turbo III running shoes. After my run I went home and showered and changed. At 8:30 PM I met a friend at the campus starbucks, I ordered an iced grande caramel macchiato. We were there until about 11:30 after that I went home and went to bed.

Wednesday- Morning was the same, I wore a gray dress shirt and black slacks. I had two meetings to start my day off. After that it was a pretty uneventful day. After I work I headed home and went for a six mile run. Beacause I chose to run after work I was late for youth group. On my way to youth group I stopped at 7-11 and got an orange slurpee. After youth group I went home and did nothing for a couple hours and then went to bed.

Thursday- Nothing different in the morning. I wore black slacks abd a white dress shirt. At about 11:45 I headed over to the DAC for monthly lane county creditors association luncheon. I might of been the only person under 40 there. The rest of the work day was filled with phone calls. After work I went home went home, updated my I pod and went for a six mile run. It was a nice easy run. I got home from my run barbecued a piece of chicken and made some angel hair pasta. At about 9:30 I went McMenamin's North Bank with a friend. We were there for about two and a half hours. During that time I consumed two hammerheads and a couple glasses of water. Afterwards I went home and went to bed.

Friday- I wore a black T-Shirt with the company logo, staright leg boot cut jeans from old navy and my new Nike Shox Turbo III running shoes. It was someones birthday so there was birthday cake at work. Unlike Milton from Office Space I actually got a piece of cake. Work was typical for a Friday, vey long, very boring. After work I went grocery shopping, I purchased diet pepsi, beer, cheese, tortillias, oatmeal, angel hair pasta, gatorade, parmesean cheese and a few other things that I can't remember. After eating some spaghetti for dinner, I changed clothes and went out with some friends. I consumed one Widmer Heffeweizen all night. I got home at about 12:30 and went to bed.

Saturday- I woke up about 8:00 for my run, I only had to run about fourteen miles. After my run I got cleaned up and headed off to Old Navy. I purchased a pair of shorts and a couple shirts. I then headed off to my parents for a family get together. Before lunch I washed my extremely dirty car. The entire Cook family including grandma and some non Cooks were presents. I had two cheeseburgers, one Mike's Hard lemonade, two Widmer 06 Reds and one Drop Top Amber. Enough beer and cheeseburgers to rival fat Dennis. After everything settled I went home and did my laundry. While doing laundry I turned on the Nascar race because nothing else was on. Greg Biffle won the race if anyone cares. Feeling the effects of my springtime allergies I decided to stay home the rest of the night. After the race I watched about three hours of mythbusters and then headed to bed.

There you have it another uneventful week in my life!

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Jon & Chris Steele said...

I also spent an exciting Saturday night watching several episodes of mythbusters. I was also going to comment about the lack of beer that you were consuming until I got to Saturday. And I'm glad you're not like Milton...although I do hear that you have a stapler fetish.