Saturday, May 06, 2006

Marathon Training Update

I'm four weeks away from my first Marathon. After celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a huge plate of Spaghetti (I know spaghetti isn't Mexican but it's good training food) and two bottles of Corona, I woke up 6:30 AM for a 22 mile run. Unless you're training for a Marathon I don't reccomend that you ever go on a 22 mile run, it's really not that enjoyable. I finished in a very solid 2:44, if I can hold that pace for another 4.2 miles (and that's a big IF!) my marathon time would be aproximately 3 Hours 15 minutes and 17 seconds! That would put me only five minutes short of a Boston Marathon Qualifying time. I'll be estactic with a time under 3:30, I think I'll try for Boston next time.


justin ubel said...

Sounds like you have a new goal. If you make it and run it, I'll come cheer you on! I might even drag Jessica...she's never been to Boston, because we went without her.

Jon & Chris Steele said...

I might even go to Boston. I'd love the excuse for a trip, and (sing along,please) I've never been to Boston in the fall.

DMC said...

I'll try for a Boston time if I decide put myself through this pain again. I really just want to get through this one without dying.