Saturday, May 06, 2006

A New Mountain to Climb

Lance Armstrong is an athlete that I have always admired. He came back from cancer and then went on to dominate the worlds most grueling sporting event seven years in a row. He made people like me care about the sport of cycling, the last few years I would get early many a day just to watch Armstrong compete in the Tour de France.

I have even greater admiration for Armstrong for what he is doing now that he has retired from cycling. While some athletes spend their retirement out on the golf course, Armstrong is putting just as much or even more work into his new career as he did cycling. He's out leading the charge in the fight against cancer. Armstrong is becoming in the fight against cancer what Bono has become in the fight against poverty.

There is a great story about Armstrong in this week's Sports Illustrated. I encourage you all to take a moment and read the story and post your thoughts. Here's the link to the story and surprisingly SI did not make this premium content.
The Next Stage

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