Thursday, May 17, 2007

Buying a card

Tomorrow is my father's birthday so tonight I went to the store to find my dad a birthday card. I figured I would find the card I want an be out of there in two minutes, I was wrong. I spent thirty minutes and I must of looked through every birthday card the store had. All I wanted was a classy and simple birthday card. I didn't want a card with crude sexual humor, no card with a sappy poem telling my dad how special he is and absolutely no card with puppies or kittens wishing my dad a happy birthday, again all I wanted was a simple and classy birthday card. I found one card that said simply "happy birthday" by it looked like it was designed by a five year old using really bad clip art.

The funny cards either not funny, contained references to bodily noises, contained crude sexual humor or all of the above. I just don't think it would be very appropriate to buy my dad a card that references bodily noises or sexual humor.

Some people like to buy cards that contain a sappy poem or something a long those lines. For my mom I can get away with that but dad is a different. My dad is an old tough guy who spent twenty years in the military, buying him a card with poem telling him how special he is would just be weird.

The most disturbing cards to me are the ones with puppies or kittens. The store I went to had a whole section of these cards. Who came up with the brilliant idea of putting a pet on a card. I just don't see the point.

After looking at all the cards I left the store with nothing. Tomorrow during my lunch I'll try again and hopefully this time I'll be more successful.

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