Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Of all the dramitic I things I've ever seen"

Yesterday during the seventh inning stretch of the Yankee-Mariner game, forty five year Roger Clemens announced that he was returning to the New York Yankees. That didn't come as huge surprise to anyone. I did think it was kind of ridiculous that it was announced over the PA in the middle of a game, but that's a subject for another time. After the announcement Yankee Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman started screaming a bunch crap and then she makes the statement "of all the dramatic things I've EVER seen". Now don't get me wrong, Roger Clemens is a great pitcher maybe the best ever but to use the "of all the dramatic things I've ever seen" in reference to a forty five year old pitcher announcing his return is a bit ridiculous. Apparently Ms. Waldman hasn't seen many dramatic things in her life but as a baseball broadcaster you'd think she would see more dramatic things on a daily basis such as a game winning home run. Heck I even see more dramatic things on my drive to work every day. Here's ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd's take on this.

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