Tuesday, May 08, 2007

People can be delusional sometimes

The beginning of each season brings new hope to sports fans. Some can be realistic and some can be downright delusional. I tend to be on the realistic side, meaning I don't pick my teams to win a championship every year. Then there are people like Frank Hoaglin of the Barometer which happens to be the "OS" student newspaper. I'll just let you all read the column for yourselves and you'll see what I'm talking about. After reading then you can read my commentary on some of my favorites points.

The Year?

"The Beavs look to revisit those days this year, and from the looks of practices, scrimmages and the Spring game this year, OSU has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with this season."

We're talking about spring practice here, spring practice is never a good indication of how a team will look in the in fall. I remember attending the 2002 Oregon spring game and thinking afterwards that the Ducks were going to be great and Jason Fife was going to better than Joey Harrington. The ducks went 7-6 and got crushed by Wake Forrest in the Seattle Bowl and I think that it is safe to say Jason Fife was not better than Joey Harrington.

"Even after losing quarterback Matt Moore to the NFL, the Beavers have enough depth at the position to make Urban Meyer look jealous down in Florida"

A Redshirt Freshman and a Sophomore with no meaningful minutes wouldn't make the coach at New Mexico State jealous let alone the coach of of the defending national champions.

"Much like former Trojan quarterback Matt Leinart, Canfield has the mechanics and delivery to find any receiver at any point on the field and deliver a precision pass to their numbers."

Comparing an untested Sophomore QB to a Heisman trophy winner who led his to two national titles is just plain ridiculous.

"While USC had the weapons in the forms of Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith, the Beavers could potentially counter the Trojans easily with Sammie Stroughter, Yvenson Bernard, Anthony Brown, Brandon Powers and Brady Camp. While no player in football history will match the play-making capabilities of Reggie Bush (Along with Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders), Stroughter is definitely close. If you had the privilege to watch Stroughter return kicks during spring, you were probably reminded of a certain OSU/USC game last October in Corvallis. Sammie has the speed, agility and field vision to break a touchdown on any play, much like Bush."

Sammie Stroughter's abilities are not even close to those of Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush is arguably the greatest college football player ever, Sammie Starughter while very good is not even in the same galaxy as Reggie Bush. Yvenson Bernard is sturdy workhorse running back but is nowhere near the back Lindale White was. As for Anthony Brown, Brandon Powers and Brady Camp, well I haven't even heard of two of those guys.

"And who knows, we just could have a dynasty on our hands. What do ya have to say to that, USC?"

Umm, I don't think so.

I could be wrong but I doubt you'll be seeing "OS" in a BCS bowl anytime soon.


Lance said...

Come on cut the guys some slack. It is his job to be a homer.

DMC said...

This guy takes Homerism to a new level. I consider myself a homer but never would I write something comparing my ducks to the 2004 USC team.

Frank Hoaglin said...

How dare you single me out like that. I'm not about to come on here and talk shit on some of the stupid ass things that you have to say. But I must say. The only thing you got right is the fact that Joakim Noah looks like a woman. True. I just think that our team has enough talent to do something special. While I may have taken it to the extreme by comparing them to USC, I still think that we can do some awesome things this season. And how dare you call me delusional. Just because you have a pure hatred for OSU doesn't mean you can go around and slam us, our teams, our logo (Although I'm not a huge fan of it either), and every aspect of Oregon State. I'm proud to be a Beaver, and if you don't like us, that's too bad. We wooped your ass last year in the Civil War, and we're gonna do it again this year. While I thank you for bringing this to my attention, I don't appreciate you calling me delusional and basically insulting my intelligence. I am a very well educated student, I get good grades, and for you to say something like that doesn't bring your education to light very well. It says you're an educated man. I believe it. Prove it by keeping your snide remarks to yourself. Thank you for your time and good luck with future endeavors.

DMC said...

Frank- Come down for a moment and chill. This all in fun buddy, but when you write a column like that you you deserve any crap that comes your way. Oregon Sate is NOT USC and the best they'll do is a return to the Sun Bowl. Why can't beaver fans take a little friendly trash talk? That's all this is. Congrats on last football season and the baseball title.

PS- A two point victory is hardly an ass whooping.