Friday, June 08, 2007

10 Sports Personalities that annoy me

1. Michelle Wie- Five years from now she'll be featured on some sort of "where are they now?" segment.

2. Billy Donavan- Don't accept a job, sign a contract and tell everyone how excited you are about the challenge on Friday and then change your mind on Saturday.

3. Danica Patrick- I keep on hearing how good she is but she' won the exact same number of races as I have, 0!

4. Tim Duncan- Boring, overrated and a crybaby

5. Peyton Manning- Tom Brady is better

6. Roger Clemens- Please do us all a favor and retire

7. Brett Favre- See above

8. Adam Jones- I refuse to call him by his nickname because he hasn't accomplished anything in his pathetic career. Anyone who has something like twenty run ins with police in the last three years, gets suspended for a year and then has the nerve to appeal his well deserved suspension is a loser.

9. Michael Vick- I won't even touch his off field issues. The reason he makes my list is because he's not that good.

10. Lou Pinella- When your over 60, you shouldn't be throwing your hat and kicking dirt on people.


Lance said...

Duncan is Overrated??? really come on are you serious or just some sort of sour grapes Spurs hater. Duncan is a team player and he gets the job done bottom line.

DMC said...

I don't really think he's overrated. I just find him really annoying and yes I am a BIG TIME Spurs hater.