Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trivia Question

The following question won me $30 at my one of my least favorite restaurants tonight at the Eugene Emeralds game:

Which current US Senator managed the Eugene Emeralds in 1973?

Got any guesses? Please post your answer. The first correct answer will win a prize.

please note: There will be no prize awarded for the first correct answer, the statement was a lie.


Jon & Chris said...

Jim Bunning. Do I win your gift certificate?

Carrie said...

I totally know the answer, do I win anything?

DMC said...

Carrie- You didn't know until I told you.

Chris- You are correct. Do you really want $30 from Sizzler in Springfield?

Jonathan said...

Hmm...maybe not.

Amy K said...

Ha-ha! I should have guessed it was for Sizzler when you said it was your least favorite restaurant. Glad I didn't win!