Sunday, June 03, 2007

Marathon Update

After spending a mostly sleepless night in a smoking room at the Econo Lodge in Newport, I ran my third marathon Saturday morning. Fighting allergies (yes they followed me to the coast), a bad knee and probably most importantly a lack training, I crossed the line in four hours and four minutes. The time wasn't all that important, I really just wanted to finish. After briefly contemplating retirement from marathoning, I've made the descision to get my butt back into peak shape and train for Boston in 2009. My plan will be to the run Portland marathon in Octobober in three hours and twenty seven minutes . Then after a winter of intense training a much lighter version of me will run the Eugene marathon in a time of three hours an seven minutes thus qualifying for the Boston marathon. A month after running Eugene I'll run the Newport race again just for fun. That's my tentative Marathon schedule for the next year


Jon & Chris said...

Sounds great, but I'm glad it's not me. Is Carrie a runner?

wtc said...

Dude, we were in Newport Saturday but it was later in the day. Sorry we missed the finish!

Jessica said...

i'm looking forward to cheering you on in Boston!