Sunday, June 24, 2007

Congrats Rodents! Just 10 more National titles to go before you catch the Ducks

Congrats to OS on their second consectituve national title in baseball. This national title is just the third National title in any sport. The Univeristy of Oregon on the other hand has thirteen national titles, which still isn't impressive but it is a lot better than three!


Nigel Herringbone III said...

when was the last title that the ducks won? Maybe women's gymnastics or tennis...back to back titles in a major sport...pretty impressive...Go Beavers!!!!!

DMC said...

While back to back titles is impressive, college Baseball is not a major sport. There are only two major sports in college athletics, football and men's basketball. College Baseball is a second tier sport along with Track and Field, Hockey and lacrosse.

Championships: 13
men's championships: 10
women's championships: 3
coed championships: 0

Breakdown by Sport:
men's basketball: 1
men's cross country: 4
women's cross country: 2
men's outdoor track & field: 5
women's outdoor track & field: 1

Oregon State
Total NCAA Team Championships: 3
men's championships: 3
women's championships: 0
coed championships: 0

Breakdown by Sport:
men's baseball: 2
men's cross country: 1

P. said...

but men's basketball from 1939 does not count...especially when the school was called The Tall Firs...bwhahahahahaha...let me repeat that...The Tall Firs..and all those titles in track and field and cross country...come on now? those really count...on another note..i think i heard you email jim rome...out of some miraculous guess i assumed it was you...this was a while back but you mentioned something about a porn mustache...

DMC said...

OK fine I'll throw out the Cross Country titles, the 1939 Basketball title and the Women's Track title. I will also throw the OS 1962 women's cross country title. That still gives Oregon 5 five titles and OS 2 titles. I will say it again, Track and Field is on the same level as Baseball.

Jason Prothero said...

If track has the same prestige as baseball, then why are the Ducks trying to revive their baseball program?

What's the saying?

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Joanne said...

But you have a long way to go to catch the mighty bruins with 100!