Sunday, September 02, 2007

An observation from the Oregon - Houston game

In this post I will not be talking about the actual football game on Saturday. I could write plenty about how crappy the defense looked but I'll save that for another time. I want to write about some horrible fashion that I saw at the stadium.

At halftime as I was walking back from the bathroom I saw gentlemen wearing green and yellow hammer pants, a tucked in game jersey from 1990 and to top it off he had a mullet. One of my yet to be published "rules for attending a live sporting event" is to maintain updated gameday apparel. If you can afford a ticket to the game, you can afford the $15-$20 it will cost you for a new t-shirt. Some retro stuff is cool but a game jersey with the 1990 Freedom Bowl patch and hammer pants are not cool. If you are going to a game you must maintain updated gameday apparel!!!!

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Joanne said...

Rick and I have our NEW UCLA shirts to wear to the first opening game. I even got some UCLA shorts to wear that matches the T shirt!! Good thing I read you blog. We want to look good for the game!