Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rating the Pac 10- Week two

1. USC- Didn't play anyone but they're still the top team. They should roll the Cornhuskers this weekend.

2. Oregon- Impressive victory over once powerful Michigan earns them the number two spot.

3. Cal- Probably the real number two team in the conference but they drop due to their unimpressive showing and Oregon's impressive showing.

4. UCLA- Nice win against BYU this could be UCLA's year but I doubt it because Carl Dorrell is still their coach.

5. ASU- Look for them to make their climb towards the top next year. Dennis Erikson will have them in a BCS game in the next two years.

6. Washington- Nice win against Boise State but the Broncos were last years story.

7. Washington State- If I hear one more person in Eugene say that Mike Bellotti made a mistake by not recruiting Alex Brink I'm going to throw up.

8. Arizona- I predict that Mike Stoopid will not be the coach of the Mildcats next year.

9. Stanford- Stick to academics.

10. OS- Because of their embarrassing performance last week they get the last spot. I hope they stay there.


whatthecrap? said...

Well conceived list. I support it.

Joanne said...

I can live with this list for now. Hey check out my blog, I saw something worse at the UCLA game than you did at your game! I was playing fashion, I wish I had taken a photo!