Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 4 Pac 10 Rankings

1. SUC- No explanation neccesary

2. Oregon- Rough second quarter on Saturday but the came out and destroyed Stanford in second half. Oregon WILL beat Cal.

3. Cal- An impending loss to Oregon means they'll drop next week.

4. ASU- Looks like Dennis Erickson is working his magic at ASU.

5. UCLA- Nice bounce back victory over Washington. I expect them to beat OS(U) this week.

6. Washington- Not a good team but everyone behind them is worse

7. WSU- See above

8. Stanford- Harbaugh has them heading in the right direction but they're still a long way from being competitive.

9. OS(U)- Memo to Sean Canfield: If you throw to players wearing Orange training bras you will be far more successful.

10. Arizona- Mike Stoops should begin cleaning out his office.

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