Monday, September 24, 2007

Thoughts from a road trip

As I stated in my previous entry, my wife and I took a road trip to watch our Ducks beat on the nerds from Stanford. Here are few of the highlights from that trip.

After work Friday night we headed to lovely Yreka, CA. Personally I would have preferred to stay in Weed but Yrkea won out in the end. On the way we took a bathroom stop at the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Or. Just for the heck of it we joined the players club which entitled us to $5.00 in free slot play. We took a seat at the "Deal or No Deal" penny slots and got work. In addition to free $5.00 I spent $5.00 of my own money and ended up leaving with $7.50. Carrie spent $5.00 of her own money and left with $20.00. In the end it was a profitable stop. After leaving the casino it was off to Yreka. In an effort to save money we stayed at a Motel 6. It may have been the smallest motel room that I've stayed in. The shower was so small that I could barely fit in it and the towels were the size of hand towels. Did I mention that Motel 6 doesn't provide shampoo? In the end the Motel served it's purpose and we got a good night's sleep.

After Breakfast at the Black Bear diner it was time to get on the road. At about Corning which happens to be the Olive capitol of the world, we were due for another bathroom stop. I saw a sign for the Rolling Hills Casino and figured that would be good stop. Of course we had to gamble while we were there. I put $5.00 in a slot and within minutes I was up to $35.00. I played it down to $30.00 and called it good. I believe that Carrie lost $5.00 but it was still a profitable stop. After the Casino it was back on the road. We stopped at an In N' Out Burger in Vacaville, Ca and I enjoyed a Double Double. Our next step stop was the Wild Palms Hotel in Sunnyvale, Ca. A big step up from the Motel 6, it was a trendy Boutique hotel. It had shampoo and full size towels, so I was happy. My only complaint was the sink which looked like a giant salad bowl sitting on the counter.

After checking into the hotel we headed off to Stanford Stadium. Parking was easy and since we had time we took a walk around the campus. I'm sure if someone had found out my SAT score I my have been kicked off the campus. Just being there made me feel smarter. We stopped by the bookstore to buy some souvenirs. My first observation was at the Stanford bookstore the first thing you see is books, you have to go upstairs for souvenirs. That is the exact opposite of the University of Oregon where the first thing you see is Duck apparel and you have to go upstairs if you want books. I was tempted to purchase a shirt that read "Stanford Alumni" but in the end I settled on a Nike shirt from the clearance rack. After a few snapping a few photos and some more wandering around we headed into the stadium. My first observation was that there was as much green and yellow as cardinal and white. After listening to the god awful "Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band" it was game time. In the beginning the game appeared to be a rout with the ducks going up 21-3. Stanford dominated the second quarter and went into halftime leading 31-24. I was never worried and did not panic once during the second quarter. The ducks came out and dominated the second half and ended up winning 55-31. During the game I decided that my first born son would be named Dennis, not after me but after Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon.

The trip home was pretty uneventful. We had a couple unsuccessful bathroom-casino stops and that was about it. In the end it was a great trip and most importantly the Ducks won!

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