Saturday, September 15, 2007

A thought on conference loyalty

I hear this crap about conference loyalty all the time. Conference loyalty is that loony idea that one should cheer for a team simply because they play in the same conference as your team. The reason I bring this up today is because Washington plays tOSU (the Ohio Sate University). If I believed in this concept of conference loyalty I would be cheering for the Huskies. There absolutely no way that I am cheering for the Puppies today, I could care less if it is good for the conference. The Puppies are a hated rival and I avoid cheering for them whenever I can. There are four programs in the Pac 10 that I don't and I won't cheer for ever unless they're one another or they can somehow help the Ducks. Those four programs are OS(U), Washington, Washington State and Arizona. I don't think I need to explain my hatred for OS(U) and Washington but some may question my hatred of WSU and Arizona. I've never liked WSU and Arizona's coach is for a lack of a better term a butthole. So the whole point of this is that I won't be cheering for the Pac 10 today. I'm cheering for Oregon, tOSU and Idaho State!

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justin ubel said...

What's with the irrational love for tOSU?