Sunday, May 18, 2008

You can't alway trust technology

For Christmas this year I got the Nike + for my Ipod. It's a pretty cool thing that I attach to my Ipod and then put a chip into my shoe and it tracks my time and distance on my runs. When I finish my run I just sync it to my computer and it uploads the data to A website in which I can track my progress. Yesterday I finished a 12 mile run in 1 hour 38 minutes, a pretty reasonable time and I know I went the full twelve miles because because I have measured that route out before. When I synced my Ipod and visited the website it showed the details of my run time and all. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I looked at some of my mile splits. According to my Ipod, I ran mile four in 4 minutes and 6 seconds. The world record in the mile is 3:43.13, so if my Ipod is to be trusted (which it can't be), I ran a mile that was only 23 seconds slower than the world record in the middle of a twelve mile run! If that is the case then I shoud be training for the Bejing Olympics.

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Joanne said...

You go Dennis! I'll be watching for you in the Olympics!