Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pac 10 Rankings- Week 1

1. Sarah Palin- The Next Vice President of The United States of America!!!!
2. SUC- Next week they will return to their rightful spot at the top
3. Oregon- Anything less than a 40 point victory over Utah State will be a dissapointment.
4. ASU- Sun Devils will roll Stanford
5. Cal- Impressive victory of Michigan State
6. UCLA- They got lucky
7. Stanford- I called it
8. Arizona- 70-0 over Idaho. Big deal!
9. Oregon State- Soon to be 0-2
10. WSU- They're terrible
11. Washington- They may be worse than the Cougs.


Jon & Chris said...

I'm addicted to your rankings, and almost rate them above the BCS.

Dan B said...

BVS? What's that? I just go to for my Pac 10 ranking accuracy. (and apparently political polling.)

dan b said...