Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A BCS in Basketball? Why not?

Since the BCS and the bowl system as a whole has worked so well for college football, why not implement a similar system in college basketball? Instead of a 64 team tournament, we could have about 75 or so individual exhibition games across the country. These games would have corporate sponsorship and the matchups for these games would be determined by conference tie-ins. For example the fifth place team from the Pac 10 could play the sixth place team from the Big 12 in Boise Idaho in the Myspace.com game. There would also be a series of bigger more prestigious games, this is where the champions of the Power conferences would play, there would also be a handful of at-large teams selected to play in these games. Two teams would be selected to play in the National Championship game, those teams would be determined by a system which includes several computers, the coaches poll and a poll comprised of former coaches, players and administrators. By only extending the season by one game the players would miss less class time, more fans would be able to travel to see their team play and more teams would be able to finish the season on a winning note. Sounds like a perfect system to me.

Please note: The author of this blog deos not actually believe that there should be a BCS type system in college basketball. This post is meant to point out how ridiculous collge football's post season is. If you were unable to catch the sarcastic tone in this post, I would suggest that you read a different blog.

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Andrew said...

Why don't we just devise a system where everyone wins in the end. Kind of a like the super happy ending in Wayne's World.