Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sports Fans Can be Delusional

Sports fan often have unrealistic expectations of their teams, for example before this football season I said the Duck were going to finish 10-2 and compete for a BCS bowl. Often message boards are place we go to share our unrealistic expectations. It's also where we go after every loss to complain about our teams. I myself frequently post on educk which is a duck site with message boards. Today while reading educk I came across a link to a post from a fan on a USC message board, now I thought sometimes I get a little upset after a Duck loss but I have nothing on this guy. The following comes courtesy of TrojanAl a delusional USC fan, I think think this guy needs to relax after all USC is ranked in the top 10 and will be playing in the Rose Bowl.

12-5-06 9:58 AM
I have analyzed the loss and there clearly has to be some changes made. There is no way that ucla team should have been able to hang with us. Yes, I know that the refs did everything they could to give the game to them, but we still should have pulled through it.

1) Someone has to pay for that loss. You can't just let something like this go without setting an example. Carroll knows who is most at fault and he knows which coach is most expendable. He needs to take action against that person. If it is Kiffin, fine, if it is the oline coach, fine, if it is the d coach who let the ucla qb run all over the field (did our coaches learn NOTHING form texas?) fine. Once the other coaches see that their job is on the line, they will NEVER let this happen again. They have become complacent with all the success and have lost their edge. Time to shake them up.

2) As part of the first point, no more hiring coaches because they are friends or relatives of others. Nepotism is the fastest way to bring down the program that I can think of. Trojan coaches should be hired based on their coaching resume, and nothing else. The players and the fans deserve that. We also need to bring in more REAL Trojans as coaches. Bringing in bRuins and others will undermine the program from within.

3) Booty looked like a deer in the headlights all day. Time to let Sanchez start. He was the NUMBER ONE qb in the country and everyone says he is the real leader we need on the field.

4) We need to recruit harder. I thought there was no way ucla could stay with us because we have all talent and they have no talent. I was wrong. We need to recruit players that are so much better than them that mentally the bRuins will be intimidated before the game even starts. It is time to distance us from them talent wise.

5) Someone needs to "coach" our players on how to respond to the media. I am sick of reading in the times quotes from our players about how "ucla just flat out outplayed us." Get a grip. No one outplays us. The result was a combination of things but ucla didn't beat us.

I have already called Garrett's office to let him know where we need to go from here. If you want to call him about the game, his number is:

(***) ***-****

Remember, if you don't let him know how you feel then you have no right to complain if things continue to go sour.

Trojan Al - esteemed graduate of the generally accepted most ELITE academic institution in the ENTIRE nation - USC entering GPA average a PERFECT 4.0 ( above sister school Stanford), SAT average an astronomical 1370 (towering above fast falling ucla and football factory notre dame, from Princeton Review), ACT average an extraordinary 30 (soaring above academic dinosaur cal, from Princeton Review), and Community Involvement Quotient average 5AA (above Harvard the "USC of the east" ), Time Magazine "Best ACADEMIC University of the Year", ZERO recruits who had to be held back TWO FULL GRADESCHOOL YEARS like the ones at notre dame, and wonderlic scores way above public school texas whose smartest player only got a 4!...and in last four years winner of four national STUDENT-athlete recruiting titles!

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