Saturday, December 09, 2006 National Championship Tournament First Round Results

The first round results and for eight teams it's on to the quarterfinals.

Ohio State 48 Troy 13

Boise State 28 Auburn 24

LSU 27 BYU 10

USC 35 Wake Forest 7

Louisville 45 Notre Dame 17

Michigan 21 Houston 13

Wisconsin 24 Oklahoma 21

Florida 24 Central Michigan 10

The second round matchups are as follows:

Ohio State vs Boise State
Louisville vs Michigan
Wisconsin vs Florida

1 comment:

Justin said...

Dennis, I like your picks. Don't get me wrong, I still think they are ridiculous and unreasonable (BSU is BS and Wisconsin is a long shot) but I like them anyway.

Hopefully, this marks my triumphal return to the world of blogging.