Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DCS National Championship Tournament First Round Results
Before I get into the first round results of my college football tournament, I have a story from life. In 28 years I've never won a contest on the radio. That all ended today! The local sports radio station was giving away two tickets to the Holiday Bowl. All you had to do was be the fourth caller and tell them the score of last year's Holiday Bowl. Being the great multitasker that I am, I was able to lookup the score on the internet while dialing the number. After a busy signal twice the phone rang and I heard this "1320 the score, caller number 4" I was totally shocked but I was able to compsoe myself long enough to say Texas Tech 45 Cal 31. I actually won! Not that it really matters because I still probably can't go to the game. It's not like I won an all expenses paid trip, I just won two tickets I'd still have to get there and airfair this close to game day is not cheap and not sure that I wan't to take three days off from work to drive down there, go to the game the next day and drive back on the third day. So I'll probably just try make a couple bucks and sell the tickets. Anyways back to my tournament, here's the first round results.

(1) USC 77 (16)Arkansas State 3
(9) Miami 31 (8) Auburn 28 OT

(4) Ohio State 27 (13) Boise State 13
(5) Oregon 42 (12) TCU 28

(11)Forida State 31 (6) Notre Dame 21
(3) Penn State 35 (14) Tulsa 17

(7) Georgia 28 (10) West Virginia 10
(2) Texas 52 (15) Akron 10

That sets up some compelling second round matchups
(1) USC vs (9)Miami
(4) Ohio State vs (5) Oregon

(11) Florida State vs (3) Penn State
(2) Texas vs (7) Georgia

Stay tuned for the second round results


Joanne said...

But you have a place to stay on the way down! I'm sad your not making the trip? What happened to that free spirited guy?

Aaron Geist said...


Jon Knapp said...

Way to go Dennis. And thanks for linking me on your blog, I am honored, even though you spelled my name wrong.

DMC said...

Sorry about that Jon, I really do know how to spell your name.