Monday, December 19, 2005

Ten Things I'd rather watch than tonight's football game

10. The infomercial with the midgets that made millions selling real estate.
9. Saved by the Bell Reruns
8. Competetive Eating
7. Highlights from todays congressional proceedings on CSpan.
6. OSU womens Basketball
5. That Brady Bunch Christmas special from the late 80's that seems to be on every year.
4. Any reality TV show.
3. A Blazer game.
2. Soap Operas on Univision (The spanish channel)
1. One of the million poker shows that seem to be on TV.


Aaron Geist said...

If you'd really rather watch OSU women's basketball over any form of football, you're not the Dennis I know.

Jon & Chris Steele said...

And just so you know, it's Saved by the Bell, past tense. Sheesh, get it right.

DMC said...

Sorry about the mistake, I've fixed the error