Monday, December 19, 2005

My Bowl Predictions

Even though I despise the Bowl system here are my predictions for every single bowl game. Since I know absolutely nothing about many of these teams do not rely on these predictions for gambling purposes.

Lafayette (New Orleans) Bowl- Southern Miss 42 Arkansas State 12
GMAC- Utep 24 Toledo 14
Las Vegas- Cal 35 BYU 10
Poinsettia- Navy 10 Colorado State 3 (This will be the worst Bowl game!!)
Fort Worth- Kansas 24 Houston 21
Hawaii- Nevada 27 Central Florida 20
Motor City- Akron 42 Memphis 21
Champs Sports- Clemson 49 Colorado 10
Insight- Arizona State 52 Rugters 10
MPC Computers- Boise State 44 Boston College 35
Alamo- Michigan 45 Nebraska 12
Emerald - Georgia Tech 24 Utah 21
Holiday- Oregon 45 Oklahoma 13 (This is not a homer pick, this is my honest assessment)
Music City- Minnesota 33 Virginia 20
Sun- UCLA 49 Northwestern 10
Independence- South Carolina 24 Missouri 20
Peach- LSU 20 Miami 13
Meineke Car Care- NC State 27 South Florida 10
Liberty- Fresno State 35 Tulsa 28
Houston- TCU 28 Iowas State 10
Cotton- Texas Tech 28 Alabama 20
Outback- Florida 24 Iowa 20
Gator- Virginia Tech 24 Louisville 21
Capital One- Auburn 35 Wisconsin 31
Fiesta- The Ohio State 45 Notre Lame 13
Sugar- Georgia 45 West Virginia 20
Orange- Penn State 28 Florida State 17
Rose- USC 52 Texas 28

There you have it every single bowl game!


Dana said...

I came across your blog by chance and was amazed that there is someone who knows what teams are playing in all the bowl games. Or cares.

Do you agree that in a perfect world every team would lose half its games each season?

No, I don't suppose you do.

Well, then, do you agree that we need more bowls for teams not qualifying for the dozens of existing spectacles?

How about the Punch Bowl, the Fruit Bowl, the Doggie Bowl, the Finger Bowl, and for the two teams who have lost the most games by the most lopsided scores, The Toilet Bowl!

The football teams are really all bowling for dollars, aren't they?

I hope your team wins.

Aaron Geist said...

You have way too much time on your hands!

Joanne said...

Chris's mom here. Are you coming down to San Diego? You have a place to stay here if you do.

Jon Knapp said...

I think there should be a Dennis Bowl!

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Yeah, you have too much football knowledge. I didn't even know some of these bowls existed. Jon says you were wrong on the Holiday Bowl--it'll be Ducks, 62-13.