Monday, December 26, 2005

My Dream Job
Towards the end of tonight's Monday night football game, 43 year old Doug Flutie entered the game for the New England Patriots and attempted one pass, moments later 42 year old Vinny Testaverde enter the game for the New Yorks Jets. Moments after Testaverde attempted his first pass, announcer Al Michaels stated that this was the first time in NFL history that two players over 40 have attempted a pass. That got me thinking, how can I get a job being that guy that sits in the production truck looking up useless facts for the announcers to say on TV? That may have surpassed being that guy who holds up that giant salad bowl looking mike on the sidelines as my dream job.


Joanne said...


Jon & Chris Steele said...

That does sound like an excellent job for you. And you probably wouldn't even have to look much up.

jessybel said...

finally, a sports fan who is catching on to my rants about sports announcers.