Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why Rudy Isn't Listed as one of my Favorite Movies
I wasn't planning on posting another entry today, but I've had several questions on why Rudy isn't listed as one of my favorite movies on my profile. So before I head to yet another Christmas party I will address this issue. Rudy has always been a personal favorite of mine, an inspirational story of a young man who against all odds realized his lifelong dream of playing football for Notre Dame. My problem isn't the movie itself as much as it is Notre Dame. This national sports media love affair with Notre Dame is ridiculous! ESPN and other media outlets would like you believe that Notre Dame is the greatest college football team in the country. I have never in my life seen so much obsession over a two loss team. I get sick tired of hearing that they should have beat USC, that USC cheated to win the game. I've got one word for all Notre Dame people, scoreboard! They did not beat USC! There are no moral victories in sports, you either win or lose (unless it's soccer, then you can tie, but that's a whole other entry). USC went on the road into a hostile environment and won! As far as the Bush Push as it called, who cares? In practically every football game that I've ever watched, I've seen a player give a teammate a little shove to get a touchdown or first down and not once have I seen a team penalized for doing it! In fact if you watched Notre Dame's comeback victory over Stanford you might have noticed that there was a little push on Notre Dame's go ahead touchdown. Then there is the issue of their loss to Michigan State. This is a fact that has been almost completely ignored by Notre Dame homers. Bottom line is they lost to a five win team at home and there is no excuse for that. I personally will take one blowout loss to the nation's best team over two close losses anyday (10-1 > 9-2). Now to Charlie Weis, he's a good coach and a good guy but he's not the second coming of Knute Rockne as people would like you to believe. Let's wait a few years before we annoint him the greatest coach of all time. Notre Dame likes to talk about their rich tradition, but who really cares about what they did fifty years ago? The last time they won a bowl game was January 1, 1994, only one year into the Clinton presidency. So because of all this I've decided to boycott Notre Dame and since Rudy is about a Notre Dame football player it can no longer be considered one of my favorite movies!

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Joanne said...

YOU ROCK DENNIS. MY feeleing exactly! Why is it always about Notre Dame??