Friday, December 23, 2005

DCS National Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Round two has been played in my tournament to crown the real Champion of College Football. As I explained in my very first post, I hate the bowl system so I dececided to create a tournament. This tournament is my vision of what the College football postseason should be! Here are the Quarterfinal results and here's round one if you missed it.

(1)USC 45 (9)Miami 17
-Miami busted out to an early 10-0 and then Reggie Bush went off. He finished the day with 3 rushing touchdowns, 1 reception for a touchdown and an amazing 72 yard punt return for a touchdown. Matt Leinhart hit Steve Smith in the corner of the endzone for the other USC score. The Trojans are rolling!

(5)Oregon 42 (4)Ohio State 41
-In one of the greatest games ever played, the Ducks came from 13 down in the final five minutes to pull off an improbable victory. Dennis Dixon connected on a 13 yard touchdown pass to Tim Day with no time remaining to tie it at 41. Paul Martinez's extra point hit the upright and bounced in! Ducks win! Ducks win !

(3)Penn Sate 24 (11) Florida State 21
-In another outstanding game, Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson led the Nittnay Lions on a seven play 63 yard drive capped off by a game winning field goal with 27 seconds left.

(7)Georgia 31 (2)Texas 17
-In a stunning upset the Georgia Bulldogs rolled the Texas Longhorns. Longhorn Quarterback Vince young struggled against the Georgia defense being picked off three times!

There you have it, check back Monday for the semifinal results. Can the Ducks stun the Trojans? Will Joe Paterno lead Penn State past Georgia and into the championship game?


alison geist said...

I'm putting all my chips on USC.

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Go USC. And you suck for ditching your Ducks/bowl game and wimping out on SoCal. I remember when you used to be fun.

Oh, and you should check my blog for some interesting news.