Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Monday Night Fotball and Anything Else on my Mind
I stayed true to my word last night and did not watch Monday Night Football. I tried to turn to ABC once to check the score and for some reason the channel wouldn't come in, which I think is weird because I have cable! I pay $50 a month for it and stinking ABC would not even come in! After checking the score on ESPN.com, I was pefectly content watching the World Series of Poker. I don't even know what the final score was and I really don't care. I do know this, It's time for Brett Favre to retire! He's one of the best ever to play quarterback but his time is up!

On a totally unrelated note, a few months ago I purchased an Ipod Nano. It has been good to me. Typically after I go for my run, I set it on my bookshelf. Saturday was a different story, after finishing my twelve mile run, my Ipod somehow ended up in my laundry pile! I did not realize it until I was moving my clothes from the washer to the dryer. Sitting in the washer with my wet clothes was my black Ipod Nano. I was almost in tears, I had just made a $200 mistake. I tried turning it on once and it was dead, at this point I was just angry. How could I the worlds smartest man be so stupid and put my Ipod through the wash? After letting it dry out overnight, I attempted to turn it on Sunday afternoon. Amazingly, it worked! Two days later it still works and my Ipod is nice and clean.


Jon Knapp said...

Dennis! Welcome to the blogging world! Nice to have you on board. Just a couple comments.
1) I can't believe you did not list "Rudy" as one of your favorite movies.
2) Hi.

Aaron Geist said...

You washed you iPod Nano?!

Joanne said...

MEN!! They shouldn't do the wash