Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Biggest Fraud in College Basketball
March Madness may be a over a month but already we are hearing the so called experts talk up some of the programs that will go deep into the NCAA tournament. Teams like Duke, Connecticut and Gonazaga are getting a lot of early hype. I can understand Duke and Connecticut getting a lot of hype because they have proven over the years that they are legimate powers but Gonzaga is a different story. I have never understood the love affair with this middle of the road program. To even mention them in the same sentence as Duke or Connecticut is an insult to those programs. While they may be the fifth ranked team in the nation they are not a legimate power.

To be considered an elite program you need to have postseason success. The last time Gonzaga made it out of the Second round of the tournament was in 2001. That's five years if you're counting.

Gonzaga plays in the West Coast Conference, which features such powerhouses as Saint Mary's, Pepperdine, Santa Clara and the Portland Pilots. Now I know some of you smart allecks out there are saying "didn't Portland beat the Ducks?" But this isn't about the Oregon Ducks this about Gonzaga. Gonzaga's last loss came on December 27, while that may seem impressive it really isn't. During that streak they've beat teams like the Pilots, Saint Mary's twice, Pepperdine and I almost forgot to mention The University of San Fransisco Dons. That is not an impressive group of teams, heck the Ducks could probably manage a winning record playing those teams.

I'm also getting sick and tired of hearing how great this Adam Morrison kid is. The guy is a decent player but if he's so great why was he being rotated in and out during the final minutes of a close game against Saint Mary's on Monday night? The answer, he's a defensive liability. To be considered a great player I believe you need to be a complete player. I predict that Morrison will fade into obscurity at the next level much like Gonzaga stars Dan Dickau and Richie Frahm before him.

So come March when you sit down to fill out your tournament bracket, do not pick Gonzaga to make it out of the first weekend of the tournament. I can assure you by the end of the first weekend of the tournament Gonzaga will Gone-zaga.


justin ubel said...

That's Richie Frahm. Check your facts superduck.

DMC said...

Who cares? He still stinks!

Joanne said...

Preach it brother!

Steve K said...

didn't Portland beat the Ducks?

DMC said...

Yeah but Oregon is more of a track and field school anyway.