Monday, February 27, 2006

A Final Thought on the Winter Olympics

Now that the Winter Olympics are over I can get back to sports that actually matter to me. Soon March Madness will be here so instead of watching snowboard cross, short track speedskating and skeleton, my time will be spent watching Gonzaga make there annual early exit from the big dance. I'll admit that for two weeks I got sucked the hype, I got into into sports such as luge, skiing, ski jumping, speed skating and many other random sports. Sports that no one in the United States care about, but since the word "Olympics" is attached we're supposed to. Now don't get me wrong, I think competing for your country is the ultimate and I would love to win a gold medal because as snowboarder Shaun White put it "chicks dig gold medals" or something like that. But does anyone really care who took home gold in the Nordic Combined?

In countries like germany where kids ride their luge sled to school, the Winter Olympics are huge but Americans would rather watch a bunch no talent fools do karaoke in hopes of landing a record deal (I'll rant about that another time) than watch Johnny Weir complain about his biorhythms being off. Most people in this country probably think "Biathlete" refers to an athlete's sexual preference and not what sport they participate in.

I'm sure that for 16 days in 2010 I'll care about the above mentioned sports, in fact I'm probably going to make the drive up to Vancouver BC to take it all in but until then I'll stick with Football.


justin ubel said...

Uhhhh, that's biorhythms, Bevis.

DMC said...

Thanks for spell checking my blog.

justin ubel said...

I appreciate that you actually fixed it.