Thursday, February 02, 2006

Random Facts About Super Bowl Coaches
This year's head coaches, Mike Holmgren and Bill Cowher have the two most common first names for a Super Bowl head coach. Five different coaches named Bill (Walsh, Belichick, Parcells, Callahan and Cowher) have coached in the Super bowl, their combined record is 9-3. There are four different coaches named Mike (Martz, Ditka, Shannahan and Holmgren) who have coached in the Super Bowl, their combined record is 4-2. This game will mark the third time in super Bowl history that a coach named Mike will face off against a coach named Bill. The others are XXXVI Bill Belichick vs Mike Martz and XXXI Bill Parcells vs Mike Holmgren.

Seattle coach Mike Holmgren coached in the only Super Bowl involving two head coaches with the same first name. In perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever Mike Shanahan's Denver Broncos defeated Mike Holmgren's Green Bay Packers 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. It's also worth noting that Bill Cowher coached in the only other Super Bowl matching coaches who's names start with the same letter of the alphabet. Cowher's Steelers lost to Barry Switzer's Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX.

One other random fact about Super Bowl coaches that I discovered is that there has never been a coach in the Super Bowl who's last name starts with a vowel. Last year Philadelphia coach Andy Reid became the first coach who's first name starts with a vowel to coach in a Super Bowl.


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