Monday, February 20, 2006

A Mountain Top Experience

Skiing is probably my favorite winter hobby. Sometimes I think I may be the only person under the age of 40 that still prefers skiing to snowboarding. Having skied for over 20 years I've never had the desire to switch over snowboarding. I did try snowboarding once and I didn't really enjoy it, so I just stick to my old faithful skis. Unfortunatly skiing is an expensive hobby so I don't get to go very much..

One of the advantages of working in Banking is that I get every single federal holiday off. Today being Presidents Day, I decided to honor the dead presidents by hitting slopes. So along with my friends Justin and Aaron, I headed up to Timberline for a day on the slopes. The conditions were great in the morning and not so great in the afternoon. I got several good runs in today. It was definatly more enjoyable than my last time on skiis in which my actions the night before made for a miserable day on the mountain. All in all today was a great day and I hope to hit the slopes again soon.


Steve K said...

Snowboarders are al drug-dealing nere-do-wells. Two-Plankers for Life!

Joanne said...

OH PLEASE, I know a lot of snowboarders that DON"T do or sell drugs!

Brian Eberly said...

39 here, and a skier for life! Stay with the skis brother!