Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Final Thought on the Super Bowl
In the two days since the Super Bowl it seems like all I have heard on TV and Radio is how poor the officiating was. I'll admit the officiating was bad at times, but to say it cost the Seahawks the game is ridiculous. Great teams find ways to overcome poor officiating as the Steelers did in Indianapolis earlier in the playoffs. The officials had nothing to do with Jerramy Stevens dropping three passes, Josh Brown missing two field goals or Matt Hasselbeck throwing an interception in the red zone. Now I don't want to offend my readers who are loyal Seahawk fans but to all those Seahawk fans still whining about the game on Sunday get over it. The Steelers are the champs, they are the NFL's best team.


Joanne said...

The Steelers are not the best team they are luckiest team

DMC said...

Steelers 21 Seahawks 10

Ghost Dog said...

Right on, DMC.

The only call that wasn't legit was the Personal Foul on Hasselbeck.