Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Winter Olympics
I love the Winter Olympics, it's my once every four year chance to watch sports like skeleton, bobsled, ski jumping and speed skating. I'm not into figure skating but I am amzed by some of the things that that they can do on skates. There are two events that really bother me, they are; the biathalon and the two man luge.

The Biathalon combines cross country and shooting. Someone skis to certain point with a rifle on their back, stops and shoots a few targets and then skis away. I guess that I just don't see the point. Now maybe if they combined shooting and figure skating then I would watch. Could you imagine watching Michelle Kwan have to land a few jumps with a rifle strapped to her back and then have to stop an shoot a few targets? That might be interesting.

The luge is one of my favorite winter olympic sports, It's awesome watching someone fly down the track at 90 miles per hour. Now as cool as the luge is, the two man luge is just plain weird. Who came up with the idea of putting a second guy on the sled on top of the first one? It's totally pointless and it looks really bizarre watching two guys in tights laying on top of each other going down a hill.

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