Monday, February 06, 2006

A Miserable Super Bowl Sunday
I want begin by telling all my readers that I lied, I cheered for the Steelers yesterday. All that stuff I said about the Seahawks being the pride of the great northwest was a load of crap. I hate the Seahawks! Now a few obersavtions from the Super Bowl before I get to the real point of this blog. First the National Anthem was horrible! Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin absolutely butchered one the greatest songs ever written. Frances Scott Key must be rolling over in his grave right now. Second the commercials were a dissapointment, other than the Bud and Bud Light ads and a couple Ameriquest mortgage ads the commercials were crap. Third I think it's time that the Rolling Stones hang it up, their time has passed and why were they doing the halftime show anyways? Afterall Detroit is Motown. Finally the game itself, it was a bad game made worse by horrible officiating, it seems to me for the Super Bowl they could have found some better officials.

Now the real reason why yesterday was such a miserable day. About halfway through the second quater I started feeling nauseous. I made it until halftime and then I quietly checked out to the Bathroom, where I bowed before the Porcelain throne. Feeling much better I returned to my chair just in time for the Rolling Stones. I think seeing 62 year old Mick Jagger trying to dance wearing extremley tight fittting clothes and a shirt that showed his midriff made me nauseous again. A few minutes into the third quarter I decided it was time for me to go. As I was making my short walk from my friends apartment to my apartment, I found a nice little bush where I proceeded to throw up yet again. I'm sure if anyone saw me they probably thought I was drunk, but I wasn't I only had one drink at the party. I made it home and crashed on my bed and watched the rest of the game on a 13 inch television. During the fourth quarter I bowed before the porcelin throne one more time. After I made my final bow to the throne, I got to sit on the throne an estimated fifteen to twenty times through the night. To make matters worse, I could not call in sick for work. I had to be at the courthouse at 8:30 for a small claims case against one of our members. At 6:30 I climbed out of bed, still feeling miserable and got ready for work. I stumbled into my office at 7:30 got all the paperwork I needed and made the two block walk to Lane County Circuit Court. Being extremely dehydrated from my whole ordeal the night before I barely made it to the courthouse. After going through security, I stumbled up the stairs found the nearest drinking fountain and started the process of rehydration. Before the hearing I used the bathroom one more time and I actually prayed to God that my stomach would hold up through the hearing, it would have been awfully embarrassing to go sprinting out of the court room during the middle of the hearing to use the bathroom. I made it through the hearing, the defendant didn't even show up so the judge ruled in our favor. I made back to work packed my stuff up and told my boss that I was going home. So I'm at home feeling a lot better now, I'm still tired and weak so I don't think that I'm going on my six mile run tonight.

I almost forgot to mention that I dropped 10 pounds through this whole thing. I'm sure it will probably all go right back on but right now I can say that I'm the lighest that Ive been since my Junior year of High School.


Steve K said...

I agree with you on the superbowl being lame. It seemed like the refs decided from kick-off that Pitt should win. Anytime Seattle got any momentum, there was some BS call to pull it back. Not to mention they kept showing commercials of Steelers playing holding the trophy and only one commercial had hawks in it - the one with all the players from both teams. And yes, the Stones wrote amazing music 20 years ago but somehow still like to sing it in public. The worst was Jaggers floppy old man arms. My grandmas got those. Nastyness. Hope you feel better though.

Joanne said...

that is what you get for rooting for the steelers! I did like the horses playing football and the streaking lamb! I hope you are feeling better. Go SeaHawks, that's for next year, since we don't have a team in Cali!