Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Super Bowl Prediction
All week you've read about coaches with mustaches, bald quarterbacks, colleges and coaches names now it's time to get down to whats really important the game itself. As all you know I am a huge Seahawks homer, after all they are the pride of the Northwest. But I'm going to be totally objective here with this pick. So here's the breakdown.

The Cities
The two cities are total oppisites, Pittsburgh is the blue collar working man's city, Seattle is home to the wussie book reading latte sippers. I tend associate football with the blue collar worker more than the Latte sipper.

Pittsburgh 7 Seattle 0

The Owners
The Steelers have been owned by the Rooney family since 1933, they one of the few family owned proffessional sports franchises still around. The Seahawks are owned by Billionare Paul Allen. This is a hard one to pick here, history versus money but in the end money talks so I'll give a field goal to Seahawks.

Pittsburgh 7 Seattle 3

The Cheerleaders

The pictures speak for themselves.

Seattle 17 Pittsburgh 7

Fan Tradition
Pittsburgh has the terrible towels and Seattle has the twelth man. Since the twelth man is lame and unoriginal, the advantage goes to the Steelers.

Seattle 17 Pittsburgh14

The Steelers have four Super Bowl championships and names likeTerry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and Mean Joe Green. The Seahwaks have no titles and names like Dave Kreig, Curt warner (not the Quaterback), Rufus Porter and Brian Bosworth. Advantage Steelers.

Pittsburgh 21 Seattle 17

The Coaches
Mike Holmgren is 1-1 (the loss came to my real favorite team) in Super Bowls and Bill Cowher is 0-1 but you can't really blame Cowher for that loss it was really Neil O'Donnell's fault. Bill Cowher has that chin that sticks out and he likes to spit, Mike Holmgren looks like a young Wilfred Brimley. The fond childhood memories of Wilfred Brimley in the Quaker Oats commercials gives the edge to Holmgren.

Final Score
Seattle 24 Pittsburgh 21

Super Bowl XL Champions
The pride of the Pacific Northwest, your Seattle Seahawks!!!

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James said...

Hawks 27, Steelers 17